Speed: The Key Ingredient To Golf Cart Transportation

It's not unusual to find resorts where golf carts are the main mode of transportation. The cart's slower speeds and easier operation allow visitors to move around the resort easily without the risk of a major accident, as you might have with an SUV. Because golf carts tend to travel at reduced speeds, however, you don't want to get carts that could make a trip take even longer. In this case, then, you want the golf carts at your resort to be gas-powered because, while the actual on-road speed might be slow, the gas carts allow people to travel a lot faster overall. Read More 

How News Anchors Can Enhance Their Interview Skills

There are a lot of important skills a news anchor needs to succeed in today's climate, but one of the most relevant is the ability to conduct great interviews. This is an important attribute to have in this field and one that news anchors can improve upon in a couple of ways. Be Candid About the Questions Being Asked Typically before someone is interviewed by a news anchor, they'll go through an intake process where they're told exactly what questions are covered. Read More 

Casino Games That Are Easy For Beginners

If you're visiting a casino for the first time, you might be excited to play a variety of different games — but also feel a little intimidated if you have no prior experience with casino games. While it's OK to slowly work at learning any game that catches your attention, it can also be fun to focus on the games that are extremely easy for beginners to play. Virtually every casino has a number of games that require minimal skill. Read More 

Tips For Enjoying Axe Throwing With A Group

A growing hobby that actually has been around for quite a while is axe throwing. Establishments are creating safe spaces for people to throw axes at targets. If you're going to be enjoying axe throwing with a group for the first time, these tips will help. Watch Your Surroundings Even though axe-throwing businesses have done a lot to take risks out of the equation, it's still relevant to monitor what you do when at one of these establishments. Read More 

Storytelling Workshops: Key Elements

Moments that are worth telling are worth telling well. Those who are gifted with fine storytelling skills can convey moments of greatness, grief, joy and inspiration for their audience. While this skill may seem as though it is a gift for a select few, the truth is that the tools needed for great storytelling can be learned by anyone. For employers who are looking for something new to introduce to their team or for those who simply would like to be more effective when telling stories would greatly benefit from a storytelling workshop. Read More