Speed: The Key Ingredient To Golf Cart Transportation

It's not unusual to find resorts where golf carts are the main mode of transportation. The cart's slower speeds and easier operation allow visitors to move around the resort easily without the risk of a major accident, as you might have with an SUV. Because golf carts tend to travel at reduced speeds, however, you don't want to get carts that could make a trip take even longer. In this case, then, you want the golf carts at your resort to be gas-powered because, while the actual on-road speed might be slow, the gas carts allow people to travel a lot faster overall.

It's Faster to Fill up With Gas

For one thing, it's faster to fill up a cart with gas than it is to charge a battery. Filling up an entire gas tank can take just a few minutes. But charging a battery can take a couple of hours, depending on the type of charger used and the condition of the battery. Even if all your carts have new batteries using heavy-duty chargers, making guests wait for an hour to charge a cart is a real inconvenience.

Electric Carts Have Shorter Run Times

Electric cart batteries have a shorter running time than gas carts, meaning that even if you could just place the guests in newly charged carts, they'd still have to bring the carts back at shorter intervals for another charge. And if no more carts are available, they will have to wait to continue their resort exploration.

Gas Carts Have Longer Ranges

Not only do gas-powered golf carts have longer run times, they also have longer ranges. You can go farther on a tank of gas in a golf cart than you can on a battery charge. Again, you'd have to go back to the nearest charging station once the battery had worn out, which means you'd have to be very careful about how far away you go from the main resort. If you're on vacation on a small island and want to explore, an electric cart could leave you stranded. You'd want a gas cart so you could travel over more of the property for a longer time.

Even if golf carts aren't the fastest vehicles around, you still want guests to get the impression of speed as they use the carts. Ensuring they can refuel quickly and drive for a longer time add to this impression. Keep these tips in mind when looking for vacation gas golf cart rentals near you.