Why You Should Gift Your Teen Reader A Mystery Book Series

The weather is turning cooler, leaves are changing, and holidays are approaching. If you're already thinking about your holiday shopping list, especially for your teenager, you might be wondering what gift you can give that won't break the bank or increase their screen time. If your teen loves to read (or even if they don't and you want them to start) a young adult mystery book series is an awesome gift. Not only will they be off their phones while they read, but they'll receive other benefits too.

Experience Fun Books

Think about the books you had to read in English class when you were a teen. Were those books your first choice? Are those the kind of books you prefer to read today? Maybe, but probably not. Many people complain about the books they were forced to read in school. Some people lose their love of reading because of it. Those books are still important, but it's also important to encourage your teenager to read something fun. A young adult mystery series is more likely to engage them and help them love reading.

Escape Stress

Teenagers experience so much pressure nowadays. The world is only getting more chaotic, and they are bombarded with messages from all sorts of media. Meanwhile, everyone is asking what they want to be when they grow up and the social pressure to fit in is overwhelming. An intriguing book can help them escape that stress for a little while. They will get in someone else's head and worry about someone else's problems for a change. As the tension of the mystery builds up and then is released in a satisfying conclusion, your teen will be able to experience relief along with the characters, which is very cathartic.

Solve Problems

All books will stimulate the brain, but mystery novels will especially give your teen's brain a workout! Mystery novels almost always involve solving a crime, and as the characters find more clues and the puzzle becomes more complex, your teenager's brain will automatically work to fill in the gaps and find the answer. Everyone could use an exercise in problem-solving, but as teenagers' brains are still developing, this could especially be good for them.

Learn About the World

Teenagers are smart and resourceful, but they are still young and haven't experienced much out in the world yet. A mystery novel can help them learn new things. Perhaps the main character is a detective, and your teen will learn more about how the police operate. Sometimes mystery novels involve lawyers, and your teen can learn more about the justice system. Young adult novels generally feature teenagers, so your teen can read about someone like them interacting with the world, which teaches them social norms and skills.

A thrilling book series could benefit your teenager in so many ways! Contact a bookstore or author near you to learn more about what kinds of young adult mystery book series are available.