Things To Do At An Airplane Show With Your Kids

If you're looking for a family activity that involves time spent outside and plenty of walking, an airplane show can be an option to consider. Even if your children have only a passing interest in aviation, they'll likely find an airplane show to be exciting. These shows give attendees a chance to not only see planes parked on the tarmac, but also watch some of them fly overhead. Some planes will even perform exciting maneuvers, which will add to the overall experience. While the exact options for attendees can vary between airplane shows, here are some things that you should do to enhance the experience.

Sit In A Plane

At a lot of airplane shows, attendees will have the opportunity to sit in the cockpit of a modern or vintage airplane. Commonly, people will climb a set of stairs that lead up to the cockpit and be able to sit at the controls for a minute while another family member snaps some photos from nearby. This is a unique experience that every member of your family will enjoy. There will likely be few other times in life, if any, that each of you gets to sit in the pilot's seat of an airplane.

Meet A Pilot

Another thing to do during your family outing to the airplane show is meet a pilot. This is something that children will especially find exciting. At many airplane shows, some of the pilots who perform will have meet-and-greet sessions. Your children may have an opportunity to get their photo taken with one or more pilots and even get their autographs. If you have a child who is enthralled by the idea of flying an airplane, they'll be thrilled to shake the hand of an actual pilot.

Buy Some Souvenirs

You'll want to make some time to browse the airplane show's souvenir area, which may be set up in a tent or in a building. There will be all sorts of items that will interest your children and provide them with a source of entertainment and a reminder of this family outing. Young children may enjoy airplane-themed coloring books and toys, while older kids might gravitate toward airplane books and model kits. There will even be items that appeal to adults, such as framed prints of different airplanes that you saw at the show.

To look for an airplane show in your area that you can attend with your family, browse online.