Why You Should Become a Fan of Reading Again

Before the days of television and smart devices, many people enjoyed passing the time by reading a good adult romantic thriller novel or another book in their favorite genre. In today's modern age with streaming video and easy access to the Internet on every device, simply curling up with a paperback book might seem like an outdated concept. But there are still plenty of people out there who enjoy reading and there are plenty of good reasons why you might want to join their ranks. If you haven't really dug into a good book since you were younger, here's why you might want to start a new reading habit today.

1. Get Away From the Glare

Whether it's a television, a computer monitor or a smartphone, people spend way too much time today staring at screens. These screens also give off a glare that can be bad for your eyes over time, especially if you are staring at one for many hours day after day. Going back to an old school paperback book (or hardcover) is a great way to entertain yourself while giving your eyes a bit of a rest from that harsh light.

If you still want technology to be involved as you get back into reading, invest in an e-reader device. Some of these devices have optional backlights but they can be turned off so that the e-reader looks very similar to a paper copy of the book and you won't have to deal with any glare, allowing your eyes to rest.

2. Let Your Imagination Go Wild

With most TV programs, movies and livestreams, you're simply watching someone else entertain you. There's no need to imagine what they are doing or what they look like because you can see all of those things. But when you have nothing but the written word to go off of, your mind will be able to have some fun conjuring up an image of what you are reading. A good book with descriptive scenes can help stimulate the mind and allow you to escape from the worries of the world for a while.

3. Expand Your Vocabulary

Regularly reading good books is a great way to refresh or expand your vocabulary. You might not be thinking about it while you're reading, but a romantic thriller novel could have some new words or interesting ways to use words you already know that you might not have otherwise thought of. You can then work these words into your own life as applicable.