Are You Always Struggling To Find Topics For Small Talk? 3 Tips For Using Celebrity News To Build Connections

One of the biggest challenges many people face with socializing is finding ways to come up with interesting things to say. After all, no one wants to get stuck making comments about the weather, and you don't want to wind up offending anyone by going deep into politics during a simple personal encounter. Fortunately, you no longer have to feel awkward during networking events or even when you run into your neighbor at the grocery store. Instead, you can use these three tips to incorporate your interest in celebrity news into your daily conversations.

Stay Up-to-Date

The first trick to spinning a celebrity story into your small talk moments is to make sure that you are up-to-date on the latest information. Telling a story that is weeks old or sharing gossip that someone else has heard will leave your conversation at a standstill. Make sure to read celebrity news articles on a daily basis. With today's technology, you can easily catch up on the latest articles from your phone or e-reader. Whether you enjoy reading about celebrities during your lunch break or with your morning coffee, you'll be stocked full of stories to share as you run into different people throughout the day.

Know Your Audience

Another trick to small talk is knowing how to tailor your stories to fit the people that you are talking to. For instance, you wouldn't necessarily expect your elderly neighbor to want to hear about the latest teen pop sensation. Therefore, you might want to stick to news about classic actors that you know they watch. As you share celebrity news, you'll also find out more about the people that you know, which means that you may even find a buddy who loves reading about the same favorite celebrities that you do.

Tie News to Common Topics

Finally, make sure that you find ways to smoothly transition from the first greetings into your celebrity stories. For example, you could tie a story about a celebrity getting a divorce into your friend's comment about how they are back in the dating game. Alternatively, you could share a story about an actor's upcoming new movie with someone who mentioned that they are trying to decide what to do this weekend. When you have a lot of different news stories in mind, you can almost always find a way to incorporate them into a conversation so that you keep people interested.