Dos And Don’ts Of Dealing With A Combination Lock In An Escape Room

Escape room environments can differ according to their central theme, but one thing that you'll often find in common regardless of the room is having to open a combination lock. In escape rooms, combination locks keep boxes with clues secure, provide access to trunks and closets, and are otherwise integral for solving the puzzle and escaping in a timely manner. Given that you'll almost certainly encounter a combination lock during your escape room experience, here are some dos and don'ts for dealing with it.

Do: Line Up Your Numbers Correctly

A combination lock will only open when its numbers are correct, so it's imperative that you make sure you've lined up each number that you've entered. A combination of haste and excitement can make it easy to think that you've entered a "3," for example, only to have actually set the dial closer to a "4." Even if you believe that you've cracked the code, the lock won't open because you failed to line up this one number — and this can result in a considerable delay.

Don't: Start Guessing Numbers

When time is running out and you're desperate to open a combination lock for the next clue, you may decide to start inputting random numbers and tugging at the combination lock in the hopes that it will open. Doing so, unfortunately, is a very poor use of your time. The number of possible combinations means that there's a minuscule chance of you guessing correctly. Your time is best served continuing to try to solve the next mystery.

Do: Try Numbers Backward

Sometimes, inputting the numbers that you've uncovered into your combination lock isn't as straightforward as you might expect. For example, if you've uncovered the numbers "6," "1," and "0," you might enter "610" into the lock and be baffled as to why it doesn't open. Try inputting these numbers backward, especially if there's some type of verbiage in the clue that references the theme of reversal. It may be possible that "016" opens the lock.

Don't: Try Forcing The Lock

One thing that virtually every escape room has in common is that you don't need to force things open to reveal the next clue. This includes combination locks. The escape room is counting on you inputting the correct numbers that will open the lock, so don't waste time trying to pry the lock open. If you end up breaking something, you may be responsible for the cost of the damage.

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