Hiring A DJ For A Teen Party

If you are seeking to have a big party for your teenager, you might be thinking of hiring a DJ. This can be a great way to ensure the kids are entertained and to provide music for them to dance to. However, because of the age of the party attendees, you need to be a bit careful about who you hire. Here are some questions to ask various DJs before you hire them for a teen party.

Have you DJed at teen parties before?

If a DJ only has experience at night clubs, they might not be the best choice for a teen party. Ideally, you want someone who has DJed for teen parties in the past. However, if someone has done other family events like weddings and bar mitzvahs, you can count on them to be appropriate provided they are interested in branching out and trying a teen party!

Are you okay with a "do not play" list?

There are probably some popular songs that you do not want your kids listening to or dancing to with their friends. Make sure the DJ is okay with you giving them this "do not play" list, and that they will adhere to it, even if the teens come up and request one of the songs on this list. Most DJs will be totally fine with this policy, but it's important to bring it up before you hire them so that everyone is clear on the expectations.

How do you keep the teens interested and focused?

A good DJ does more than just play music. They know how to get the party attendees excited and on the dance floor! Ask the DJ how they plan to do this for a teenage audience. Are they knowledgeable about current trends so that they'll be able to make jokes the teens find relevant? If they seem a little out of touch with the younger generation, they might not be the right DJ for your teen's party even if they are a good DJ in general.

How many interactive songs can you play?

Teens are often shy, and playing some interactive songs like The Cupid Shuffle and The Electric Slide can help the quieter ones open up and have fun. Make sure the DJ you hire offers some of these songs and is willing to play them.

If you ask the questions above, you should be able to find a sweet 16 party DJ that does a good job at your teen's party.