Escape Room Games And Team-Building: How Can Your Group Benefit?

Escape game rooms are much more than evening entertainment. They provide players with the chance to have a fun day out, bond and learn about teamwork. With all of the opportunities that escape rooms provide, they are the perfect setting for group activities. This goes beyond simply getting together a group of your friends to hang out. Even though there's no reason not to try an escape room during a regular group gathering, they're also ideal organized events for clubs, sports teams, and employees. What types of group events can you hold in an escape room?

Business or Work Groups

Your company runs on a "team player" type of philosophy. There are no lone wolves in your office. But that doesn't mean it's always easy for every staff member to join in and feel like they're part of the collaborative process. Some people are natural team players, while others are shy or just like to work alone. Group events, outside of the office, can help to connect co-workers and teach them team-building skills.

Solving the puzzles in escape game rooms requires players to work together. This type of setting can help your employees function as a team but in a completely no-pressure way. And what's the result? Your work team will bond, learn how to rely on one another and start functioning as one unit — instead of single members.

Bachelors or Bachelorette Parties

Not every bachelor or bachelorette wants a crazy night out. But that doesn't mean they're alright with a low-key, hang at home, type of party. Escape rooms offer the chance for a wedding party to bond and have an enjoyable night out, without going over the top.

This is also an ideal setting for wedding parties who don't really know each other. If you have guests coming from out of town or your bridesmaids/groomsmen are from different areas of your life (work, school, neighbors), escape room games set the stage for coming together and pushing your friends into getting to know each other.

Sports Teams

Whether you coach a high school soccer team or you're part of an adult athletic league, you know that working together is absolutely essential. Doing drills on the field may not be everyone's top choice when it comes to learning how to work together. Along with training and practice, a relaxed day or night out together at an escape room provides another setting for your team to learn how to communicate and function as one unit.

Escape rooms provide an almost endless number of opportunities for groups, parties, organizations, and teams to bond and learn how to work together. If you're looking for a way to get the group out of their typical environment and build teamwork skills at the same time, get ready to start solving the mysteries that escape game rooms have to offer. 

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