Tips For Renting Tables And Chairs For A Party

When you throw a major event, you want everyone to be able to sit down and relax. It is a party, but that does not mean everyone should have to stand the whole time. If you also serve food and drinks, your guests should definitely be able to sit down and enjoy the goodies. That said, you should rent tables and chairs for a more uniform look to the party. Here are some tips and tricks for renting your tables and chairs:

Rent More Than You Think You Will Need

You should always rent more tables and chairs than you think you will need. Some people bring more than a "plus one," and then there are not enough seats or tables to accommodate everyone. A good rule of thumb is to add two or three extra tables that can seat up to twenty-four unexpected guests and two or three dozen extra chairs.

Find the Two Cheapest Rental Places That Have the Same Tables and Chairs

When you are tracking down enough tables and chairs, it helps to have a backup plan. Find the two rental places with the cheapest table and chair rental prices. Make sure they rent the exact same tables and chairs so you do not have a hodge-podge of tables and chairs that really do not match. Rent what you need from the cheapest place. If you need more and the first rental store is out, you already know of a second inexpensive rental store to get more.

Rent Metal Over Plastic

Whenever possible, rent metal folding chairs over plastic. Some of your "big and tall" friends might strain or break the plastic ones, which you would then have to pay for. Metal folding chairs are much stronger by comparison, and any of your larger friends and family will not cause these chairs any damage.

Rent the Storage Cart Too

Many rental chairs and folding tables are stacked or racked in storage carts. Sometimes they come with your rental cost, and sometimes you are charged extra for the carts. It is actually a very good idea to rent the storage carts along with the tables and chairs so that clean-up after the party is quick and easy. The carts load onto a truck and everything goes back to the store in a very organized fashion. The carts are also helpful for holding onto the extra tables and chairs you rent but do not put out until extra guests arrive.

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