How To Make Greeting Cards More Personalized For Your Loved Ones

If you would like to stop giving your friends and family the standard style of greeting cards and mix it up a bit, you will want to consider using one of the following tips so you can personalize them a little more. This way, you will be giving greeting cards that your loved ones will want to keep and cherish for a long time.

Do A Voice Recording

Search your local stores or online for greeting cards that give you the ability to record a personal message. You could record yourself reading the written message printed on the card, your own greeting, or you could even record yourself singing a song. For example, if you are giving the card for someone's birthday, you might want to sing the Happy Birthday song.

Add Your Own Artwork

It does not matter how skilled you are with artwork, adding your own little personal touches to the greeting cards will change the card from something tons of other people are getting and something that is unique just for them. You could draw some outdoor scenery, a birthday cake, or even just add some colorful hearts all over the blank side of the greeting card. You can even extend your artwork all of the way to the envelope. Buy some unique gel pens or colored pencils to make your artwork stand out a little more.

Make Your Own

Another option for personalizing the greeting cards that you are giving people is to completely skip purchasing one. You can make your own. Keep it traditional in format or make it like a pop-up book. You can design it completely on your own or look for some inspiration by using some of the online formats that can be easily found. This is an especially fun idea for those who have some younger kids that want to get in on the process of making the greeting cards for friends and family.

With those three ideas in mind, you should find that you are going to be able to find a great way to provide your friends and family with unique greeting cards that will always remind them of how special they are to you. After all, those who receive custom greeting cards will know that you had to put in a lot of time planning and putting their special card together. All you have to do now is start making your greeting card plans.

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