Gift Ideas For A Child After Finishing A Swim Club Meet

Win or lose, your son or daughter's contribution to his or her swim club during a major meet is a cause for celebration. During a time at which many youths are glued to their computers or smartphones, it's a nice idea to reward your child or teenager for being dedicated to an athletic pursuit such as swimming. Having a family dinner at home or at your young swimmer's favorite restaurant is an ideal way to recognize his or her accomplishments, but it's also nice to think about giving a gift to demonstrate your pride. Try to tie the gift to the child's passion for swimming. Here are some ideas.

New Swimming Gear

One of the best ways to approach buying a celebratory gift for your young swimmer is to get something that he or she will wear in the pool. A new swimsuit — or a gift card to a store that sells swimsuits — is a logical choice, as these garments can be expensive. There are a number of accessories that you can consider buying, too. Many swimmers will appreciate a pair of new athletic sandals or goggles. Additionally, since your son or daughter is in the habit of traveling to swim meets, a new athletic tote bag is an ideal gift. For a special touch, consider having the child's last name stitched onto the bag.

Things That Help

Even if you don't get a gift that directly relates to swimming, you can brainstorm any number of ideas that help to support this athletic pursuit. For example, if your teenager is driving his or herself to the pool several days a week, a gift card to a gas station can contribute to the cause. Likewise, a gift card to a healthy restaurant near the athletic center — which will help your child buy some healthy food after working out — is another gift that will come in handy.  

Swim Event Tickets

Many young swimmers are inspired by those who compete in the sport at a high level, so check with the nearest colleges that offer Division I swimming programs and buy tickets to an upcoming swim meet. Even if you have to travel a bit for the event, your child will likely be impressed — and hopefully encouraged — by seeing the skill of the swimmers who might be just a few years older than him or her. This can also encourage your young swimmer to continue this athletic pursuit in the hopes of getting a college athletic scholarship.